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Emitten.co is an outlet for our artists to promote their work, connect and stay in contact with their audience. The word audience will be replaced by whatever the right word is, when you show us how you react to what we do.

The EmiTten.co goal is to be the pivot between the musicians and the audience but to a closer level than you would expect - watch this space.
If you are interested in sharing the experience as we develop, we would love to connect with you now.

We will have a subscription system up soon, in the mean time email info@emitten.co and we will add you to that list when it's up and running as an early adopter.

We welcome other musicians, press, reviewers and we want to establish links with other similar sites to cross-pollinate ideas and broaden the audience.

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The rights to the brands, concepts, original works, technology, artwork and any other similar original work on this site are the property of the site owner and may also be protected by CopyrightThe music and video on this site are either original material belonging to the composer/author or sub-licensed under arrangement or as labelled when otherwiseWe will sometimes provide access to content belonging to artists not connected to emitten.co, which will be labeled.

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