covid distracted video orphaned into a sympathy

The music was finalised and the video was the next task, when along came an ugly virus and sat down beside her. Instead of having a low impact video that provided little focus away from the music,

the rebel yell was heard, resulting in the intentional hijacking of work in progress.

Retrospectively, it is a pleasing result, but one must feel for the newly born twins, who cannot yet understand what has happened to them and will live life, but not as was intended.

rest of that family album. Greater uncertainty of budget is a given in this post covid world, budget overrides sympathy, so there will be a long interlude after this prelude, the future will tell.

This digital family who planned, came off the conceptual phase, performed the act of creation then announced the imminent arrival of baby twins, were saddened by this news. This family, whose album name still is "rhapsody for a new old queen" laid a wreath in an agreed spot, as the file structure exists in a separate virtual private cloud. The wreath was set down and the keyboard pressed which started the branch commands into the version control, active and archival areas of the file system, formalising the split.

In the gathering after the wreath service it was realised that this was a darwinist event, so far unique but would happen again, as planned is not always the natural way. As both newly borns survived, there is now dual hope. While it felt like a funeral, it was very repeatable natural form of evolution and we need to accept these events in our platform and understand

more from the experiance.

A file was created called "there are no caskets or ashes in the cloud.doc" and all weird thoughts about this are now in there, like a time box that no one of intelligence should ever open. This realisation put the energy and enthusiasm back into the cloud based team and I returned to my desk feeling happier. The story behind the new title is an interesting one, later.

Carry on, one for all!

Footnote - Good things come in small viral packages. This will not be a popular phrase in the future and it is far from factual when applied generically, or in isolation, as it was.

The result of our interface with covid as seen through this video, is a lavish interface that was planned as bland by the band and our brand is.... better aye mate.

So it is a positive.

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