saucer races turtle to market, both ahead of all 3 little pigs

Updated: May 23, 2020

if you watch this gif, time will go by quickly while you wait

or we have another solution

read on when you are ready and not so dizzy...

the three saucer sympathy was pushed out to consumer sites like Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, TikTok and iTunes, about 40 in total, 5 days before release

usually they go up within 5 days, but after enquiring with the partner outfit who currently does this for us, it is taking up to 14 days

we all know why things are not happening at the speed they used to, but the internet's digital couriers we not expected to be slow, like those back on earth

actually it is not them either, there is a manual check process, a blend of human and AI stuff that must be performed before loading content, to make sure it is not bad content (we in NZ know what that is) copywrite, IRSC code, UPC barcode, parental advisory settings etc

this is a good thing and a little more time will see it out there for playing, playlisting and sharing from your musical home turf with a millionth of a cent coming back here for every play

in the mean time the final cut of the audio has replaced the preview on's buy page

any one who already bought it will be sent the commercially released file in a lossless 24 bit WAV, not a lossy MP3 16 bit @ 41000 HZ like you get from those other sites (that just described is CD quality, that is pretty good tho)

please do buy it @ $1.49 USD or about $2.00 plus a few cents NZD from

it is not a bank breaking transaction and almost all of that comes back to, immediately

the ecommerce interface is currently a very basic looking one, purchases are one track at a time and not much is available yet, but it is safe to use (encrypted via ssl certificate) and the shopping experiance will be improved, very soon

the video is on YouTube, linked from's video page, enough plays there would mean a payment - enough is a very big number tho.

finally, a press release has gone out to some places explaining the separate evolution of the audio and video for the three saucer sympathy

and, more detail of the purpose of - and here it is

stop press - single released - mr gee sw
Download • 252KB

beacon off

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