the three saucer sympathy - release date 22nd May

Updated: May 20, 2020

This electro classical work is a concept piece, a prelude to gather support for a larger work called "rhapsody for a new old queen".

Electronic influences are used to extend the range and timbre of the raw instrumentation used in classical music, without significant detraction from what has been static for many


The video component was originally only going to provide low key visual stimulus to the music. It was to be developed using the techniques used on the other videos where 2D static images are transported through a 3D manipulation and animation process.

The impact of the virus was not rejected while considering how to use the 10 plus minute timeframe supplied by the soundtrack. Although the corona messages are subtle, they are undeniably there. It is a colourful, symmetric and relaxing, long playing work, which people would have found time to watch in lockdown and hopefullly still will.

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