the barper shot pirate gang (not caught yet)

no idea where they are now, you will need to ask flippy


he asked us. then told us. we had to release their choon that he produced. he spent 2 days recording them. this was after he caught them burgling kitchen cleaning items from his place and before they left his place a few days later

the two days in between those two things, that had happened, were the same days that he recorded them, a coincidence, perhaps 

they were a bit crook and couldn't move or talk much so were a captive, hold that, four captives actually as there were four of them. flippy doesn't get many visitors but when he does he usually ties them down, just a bit, so he can make some publicity out of it


we said it seemed a little bit contro thingy, like the prince tune, what's that word called? prince likes one-word song titles and had some controversy himself

flippy said it wasn't anything like a Prince choon so just do it you arssomethings 


we will release the soon to be a hit single "you are a hoy" sometime soon if flippy recalls his swear word infused instruction to us and asks nicely when he sees we haven't followed instructions

prince may be dead but his lawyers aren't and they could well be representing the prince of darkness now


the police were round once, now thinner but they believe this prince of darkness stuff as the two have the same finger prince or was that people fingering prince were the same, no that can't be right - delete that bit, its a bit contro - thingy

the fool back story

Recently discovered stealing multiple worthless artifacts from Flippy's place who decided that he liked the noises these injured runaway pirates (as the thieves turned out to be) made. He said they could stay and even let them have a few of the things they were stealing. Kitchen sponges don't go for that much anyway, in fact, flippy wasn't sure where the black market for them was, even. these multiply shot in multiple (increases potency by squaring it) places pirates either had low IQ, taste or interesting uses for kitchen sponges, he never got to ask

flippy does have a transingenetal imagination tho, he scores highly in those tests and he is, well, respected in certain equilateral ovals commonly known as circles that are seen rampant while out there flying around in that transit lounge to the genital world which is really, really imaginary, especially to virtual musicians

they were shot in a pirate battle and also in a few places on their bodies, a factually future relevant fact was that all wounds were above the legs


When asked to choose between the noose and the plank the ones without leg wounds ran away to steal and seek their fortunes simultaneously (see). They did both for redundancy, not that they understood business continuity planning or hedge funds. they did know that you should always check under the hedges when robbing rich people tho...

After being shot they could only say barp and a few other pirate noises which could only be truly pronounced with a snarl. Perhaps that's all they could say in the first place.


flippy could not communicate with them much so mostly understanding was reached by snarling with "arrrrrrr" (good or yes) and some form of torture or mutilation "arrrrrrr" (not good or no).

apparently they are still alive and still on the run from the other pirates and police so are not caught yet (ncy)


we are happy they are (ncy) otherwise we would have to change their name

flippy recorded their unique sounds over the two days they were at his place waiting for the ambulance to arrive, he told them that it was definitely coming and the results were fantastic, he thought


the fantastic result was a choon which flippy says is effectively an ode to moron the flipside - which is him, but he is not a witch. He says that as bspg (ncy) grew to love him, they affectionately called him a hoy + various addendi while snarling and simultaneously there was not much mutilation


For that very reason, the track was called "you are a hoy" by the "barper shot pirate gang (not caught yet)". 


check out the extended version intellectually penned "you a are, a long, a hoy, from a home" when it's out. It's intellectual due to the addition of "from a home" which was added because "you a are, a long, a hoy" did not have a solid meaning for the marketing department.


they said, if they needed to market that name without the recommended additional three words it would mean that they needed more budget.


as budget is a euphemism for money, it meant that they needed more money 


that comes from the money department, therefore more money was needed by the money department to fund marketings budget


they said just say money next time, that is what we usually deal with here and we are pretty straight and straight up folks here, none of that transingenatal stuff in this department


they didn't overeggsaggregate this comment of reinforcement of the purity of money by adding "here in the money department" as an end tag, thankfully for us writers and you readers otherwise it would just be more for us to write oh and I guess the readers would have more words to read - do you think?

this situation could tie up the release, in fact, it did, i remember what happened now by writing it down


so that's what happened, we must remember not to put this part on the website  

so, they were right when they said having a title like that makes it about as impossible to sell as all of moron the flipside's catalog combined (flippy's sales to date is the one he bought while in disbelief of the constancy of $0.00)

when they are finally dead, this and the other original tunes flippy taught them to sing but we have not told you to exist yet, will be worth a mint so we sent them to marketing to be safe

please watch out for them


any sighting of the BPSG (ncy) grizzlies combined with them seeming to be alive, we want to hear about. if you can, please make a face like moron ('s) and point to the horizon saying "a hoy"

if you can get them to understand you, tell them to come back to a hoy's place, the ambulance is still there waiting for them with their old pal flippy. 


oh and that we won't hurt them


oh, and don't mention the pirate surveillance van across the road 

oh, or the police

it's all good at flippys place