Its the

"Spanish Cowboy Salsa high speed drum and bass like drums but not really usually played on horseback while shooting town bells with carrot bullets with cool ricochets that sometimes kill your horse bugger but no harm was done just sound effects" 

Genre, Competition

the real purpose of the competition was to build up two dimensions of content, VA music and VA profile

we created multiple works for all but a few of our VA's, some got one and others created a few, others -well next time..


two VA's were invented while the comp ran because the style of music was something new when we looked at the existing VA's

all choons used the same sample bag and engineering team

the choons listed below are not as per a finalist selection, 

nor are they the best choons, our selection was to find the best musical persona matches 

check them out!

the ones selected

rattle snake cat neigh - db bare

00:00 / 06:25

salsaslaw - moron the flipside

00:00 / 02:09

thongo thongo fax trotters on the giddy up - odbaltreo

00:00 / 03:42

hoof of salsa - moron the flipside

00:00 / 03:51

slippery buritto met a slidey taco in a bar and tacod him home - ovarle la trino

00:00 / 02:49

slidey, stirred salsa with slippery slippers - moron the flipside

00:00 / 06:11

these are some of the photos from our weekend away where these tracks were created.

mex span d b.png
carrot fir44er.png

we had some fun doing this work and gained a massive amount of original material that reflects the variation of each artist even at their and our early stage.


as for the future of this new genre - we will see, but we wont b driving it any more. We do know that the future of the graphics skills at now has its baseline to improve from

work from home should not mean your kids canm do it is the new thinking, also, the continuity was missing. I remember the house being blue and my horse had five legs, for example

we still don't like those top level Genre hoggers tho!

no one includinhg us really knows any of these Virtual Artists yet, it takes a lot to dopple gang even a gang bnanger, what have we started!

we will stick with them tho, they are difficult, but i think you would be too if you were one of them and were coded to be difficult. Once they start to reveal their personality, difficult become exponential into evrything they learn, but its too expensive to go back to the foundation point and say "now, dont be difficult"

thats some good advice for those of you considering building a virtual wife or husband, on that, build ten and get them to do a comp!

carrot firer 3.jpg