Its the

"Spanish Cowboy Salsa style with high speed drum and bass like drums but not really and played on horseback while shooting town bells with ricochets that sometimes kill your horse bugger but no harm was done just sound effects" 

Genre, Competition

the real purpose of this competition was to assemble works from the artists, using the same musical concept, in order to reflect their similarities or differences

the competition was a wasy to include any early (or unfortunate) visitors to the site 

site members currently can, but in the future will want to use our virtual artists to represent one of their media concepts, for an agreed price


this type of work with similar sammples and a brief would assist customers to decide who they would like to represent them

the personality, ability, prior works and reputation will have an impact on any fee and decision, as it would if a human artist was being considered

entries so far

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00:00 / 02:09
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00:00 / 06:11

these are some of the photos from our weekend away where these tracks were created.

we had some fun doing this work and gained a massive amount of original material, that reflects the diverse styles of each artist.


as for the future of this new genre - we will see, but we do know is that the future of the current graphics skills at is in very serious doubt

i remember the house being blue and my horse had five legs, for example

we still don't like those top level Genre hoggers tho!

no one really knows any Virtual Artists yet because we are still building the first ones.

they are difficult, but i think you would be too if you were one of them and were coded to be difficult, actuallky that is a setup defalt