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moron the



party I's

most people's eyes are

a part of themselves





are another thing 

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party eyesmoron the flipside
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mr gee sweet


rhapsody for

a new

old queen


this ones a real classic - or maybe it will be one day - try it, you would like it if we had a like button!

rhapsody for a new old queenmr gee sweet
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ovarle la trino


go lean


This tune is an amalgam tune, Ovarle's first tune he wrote after going to the dentist tune, having gotten a virtual amalgam filling.


It was his first time there so he wanted to write a tune about dental virginity loss.  But we gave him a car and some guns, chewing gum and floss and said he should go out and be mean. Well he almost did and forgot about the dentist loss and from then on called it a dental floss - floss - see!. Hey la trino - lost your lost floss or is your floss lost? ha ha la trino

When he came back he was going off (that's the same is going on) about the stuff that happened to him this night that he lost his town and car and gun virginity's's's. 

He decided he hates the way tourists and not tourists stop at red lights and the girls have to get out of the car and fix up their dresses and stockings and tune up their guitar's g string on the side of the road all the while they are holding up traffic, which is what Ovarle was that night. As traffic, you do not like being held up. By then he could see both red and green, but he had no green so decided on red.

This is why we really like this tune as will you, Will. 

ovarle la trino - go lean ovarle la trino
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Red is, well that's the same colour as the guns we gave him but that has nothing to do with what happened. How could we have known what would happen with the tourists. We do everything as an experiment anyway so it's science. We think this was the Spanish because of the fabric they use with bull fights being red, not us. We invented the Spanish involvement and virtually invited them here for something else - unrelated, to confuse Ovarle and complexiate his persona for a laugh as he is Italian but now with virtual Spanish parents. He has been coded to know this is a fact and also that he is not a funny person. 

We will back la trino and vote to keep them out'a town too - we'll vote with you - thanks la trino, hey, also, please don't leave because we'd be really busting up without you, you provide us all with relief! ha ha have you heard that one before ha ha [no reaction]


He still can't remember where the lyrics came from for this one, but the police brought him home later that night with his new mates johnny and dolly. My gosh did we get a surprise when they came knocking on our door with those knockers. Johnny was all dressed in black and she looked like she was his heroine - nice couple and so were the police. They had just caught them all in a sting operation and especially johnny who is dead but had some cash to give the police sting operation, well, they were not real either, so that bit of this whole setup is working fine.

Anyways he was still coming down from whatever they injected him in the dentist with, when "its a wrap" was heard, probably coming from the Subway because we don't say that here in the studio. To signify the end of a day we usually just fall down and we ain't got no rappers here yet so nun are tall.


Been a good day for it all working so far!  No Red Bull. 


this is a wopping tail - version too.

moron the flipside


wop to the new wop

to wop to two

moron the flipside - wop to the new wop moron the flipside
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This is one of flippy's favourites for singing to children before the light gets turned out by the monsters. 


Its about some frogs he knows, one drives a taxi. 


It's also about some frogs that go out clubbing in psychedelic clothes and end up needing taxis early the following morning but cannot find them.

A lot of customers want to kiss the taxi driving frogs when they pick up people early in the morning or late at night from the night club perspective, or from the perspective of night clubs, either late at night or yep that is the same as early in the morning as well and i get lost sometimes.

The ones who exit the club that want to kiss the taxis, unlike the people in the last frog slash taxi interaction example, this is because they are pretty out of it or maybe less pretty than they think they are and really out of it. Anyway kissing a taxi is definitely not logical compared to kissing a frog. I can't think of any other reason for any of this right now, but these things are not supposed to obey the laws of hmmmmm​.

I wonder which laws that sentence could finish up with or would be classified under...

You can hear in the lyrics, the frogs can speak frog rebit and the wishes that this particular physcadelic frog and his phycho gf are making, constantly, is "can you take me home". 


It has been noted by lawyers - also out at that time, and also noted, that some are asking and kissing trees and other semi alive artifacts in our combined existance, too.


Because some of the things our frog (the one in musical focus) kissed were not even taxis or drivers and his gf wasn't an actual frog, this is why this is such a really great song and why we believe in the artist.

moron the flipside


maybe its this frog​

maybe its this frogmoron the flipside
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moron the flipside


whinnie left her horse at home but brought her 3 biplanes to last nights jam 

that she did

whinnie left her horse at home but brought her 3 biplanes to last nights jam moron the flipside
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