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who are we are a music tech outfit located both in Wellington, New Zealand and right here on the internet

we represent a number of virtual artists all created by the site's founder who is the writer, who says we, not royally, but because he is accompanied by these virtual artists 

what next

taking the digital platform used to make all of the music on this site and putting it into the cloud for anyone who joins as a member to use

provide services to people who are not musicians but want to make music


provide work for the artistic community


you will be able to register as a musician, engineer, graphic designer dot dot dot to work on our members funded projects


we are looking to get other artists to join the site and bring their music with their own virtual artists or get us to make it for them 

once we have everyone's attention and have the code written our site members will be able to create their own virtual artists and music online

you will be able to define their personality, appearance, everything is up to the creator

what now

getting the site and material together, planning the next phase, convincing people we are not as crazy as we seem, releasing more music and raising money

the music on this site is not mainstream, it was not made for this purpose, but it was made in this manner


it is being used to exemplify the concept that anyone can make music and music can be as diverse as you want it to be

pity the pigeon with a hole

why do we need to listen to a few people singing the same songs with different words?

music is not just for musicians

music's application through virtual artistry may surprise you

we need people to get comfortable with virtual artistry for the concept to work

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who would want to adopt a virtual artist?

there are many people making music out there that never gets heard


they may be uncertain about their music or feel their career may be disadvantaged because of the style of music they are making does not fit the mould at work 


musicians, especially bands need to produce music similar to what they have already produced


moron artistry

a virtual artist can be just a name

to release music with

we have a long list of potential ones here

you could be one of the night rat family

strong tim night rat is the eldest

that's not all we have in mind 

and it won't be all that is in your artist's

mind either!

members will be able to create the music, video, artwork, channels or get us and our mates to do it for you for an agreed fee. Or, if it is already created, bring it along for us to release, monetise and distribute the money back to the ownership structure you establish 

if your virtual artist becomes famous, others may well want to contract that artist for their own release, re-using your fame and audience

provided it fits your artists style, you agree terms and all the usual stuff that happens, then you can make money in a secondary manner

these artists are cheap to keep compared to those whisky sluggin, TV throwing ones, virtuals can do that too, without the bills. See!

if you put them in jail overnight it would be a virtual jail and no need to add to the police christmas fund either, unless you are also making a movie... see what we mean by cheap!

can you really make a no 1 hit

not sure there is a no 1 any more like there used to be but yes, you can

it is the same music market, the same Spotify, YouTube and all the similar outlets - over 60!

we won't release anything that should not be released, because of samples or potential rights claims

your files will be version archived with every edit and what you need for market will be available in every format needed for each outlet

if you have done this before, you know that is a worthy thing...

IRSC codes are applied to each concept   

we are doing all of this work manually right now and via friendly partners   

the existing artists are still infants, musically and artificial intelligence wise,

music and artists personality cross pollinates - of course

please put up with us but especially them as we start to realise what or who they are and we get our smelly stuff together

we have only released a few tunes so far, but the rate will increase - just watch your watch !

the future

we will have a butter system up soon, without spelling mistakes and some real flashy features!


please contact us using the subscribe form on the home page.'R'us

we are a direct retail outlet, for our artists work, please feel free to purchase directly from us or any other site, but usually it will be here first and in more formats, mixes etc... 

music for mental health


making music is a great warmer of the soul, we want to offer music as a spiritually uplifting service to people who are close to removing themselves from this world  

we welcome musicians, press, reviewers and we want to establish links with other similar sites to cross-pollinate ideas using our correctly spelled bees

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The rights to the brands, concepts, original works, technology, artwork and any other similar original work on this site are the property of the site owner and protected by Copyright. The music and video on this site are either original material belonging to the composer/author or sub-licensed under arrangement or as labelled when otherwise. We will sometimes provide access to content belonging to artists not connected to, which will be labeled. All the people referred to here are the same dude, grant robert hughson

EmiTten - phone is +64 0226062256


electronica, nzmusic

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