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moron the flipside

moron the flipside  - hetrotono toru upd

flippy was virtually the first artist to sign up with


despite his nature we are still proud to have him here,

however, it has not been easy              

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​moron the flipside is all that is not like the flipside of the flipside

moron the flipside wanted to write down that he did not write this but we suggested he didn't do that

​the youngsters are wanting to start off with his shared experiences, but he won’t talk with them 


our feelings are twofold - we think that is both fair and appreciated

he likes to bend everything and in every way possible

he cares for the oceans and the magnificence that lives underwater 


there is an affinity between underwater life's plight with humans and the racism he faces as a digital being mistreated by the human species

despite that misfact, we support his support for the support of the animals whose life is supported by the sea, wholeheartedly

this is one of the absolute facts on this site

his music, well... here we go...

​he always wants to seriously disrupt and when he does it's brilliant

if it just ain't comin' on any night but he is down for it, he picks on one of the "headline" genres to satire. he refers to them as analog because they are old and maybe single


he denies he is taking the piss, saying "but I really want to fit in and feel welcomed into the country music scene".... but sarcasm leaves a trail, and we have all seen those westerns where they can track you using a person called a tracker


His country tune imagines a war and its country and western musicians vs the rest of the music industry


An old style war, walking forward in lines, being shot and bombed 

there is some imbalance in the numbers -  mainly due to there being more musicians in the world that are not country and western musicians


they all say that country and western music started it, to which the accused state nothing, so they probably did or their mics not turned up 


lots of deserters are running back from the line yelling out lyrics from punk or rap tunes or whistling jazz licks


taking off ten gallons and replacing them with those funny hats that are a bit too small which are worn by blues musicians or berets

you can tell the ones that are talented because they can whistle punk songs while changing hats, but they all deserve it say the rest of the music industry while shooting them from the rear

the first infantry were the lead singers so now there are no more country and western singers, therefore lyrics. they were not ever very creative in that department anyway and definitely did not encapsulate the essence of diversity - stand by your man? sure

if i'd shot you when I met you i'd be outa jail by now... sure

next up were the drummers and things are not looking good


of course, flippy's choon has drumming that's all over the place and no lyrics as a reflection of the war's status - its on soundcloud if you want to hear it, we'll get it up here at some point...

"them new drummers gotta learn good without the wardead"

only the less intelligent appreciators of that genre would not notice that level of subtlety

every genre except Jazz appears to have many unintelligent fans, but that could be the influence or fault in fact of whatever the dance is that is associated with the genre

jazz fans always look intelligent


its the berets i think


and they don't dance 


just look intelligent like cigarette smokers attempt to do while outcast outside to think philosophically or a new theorem perhaps


looking at both of them - they are definitely deep and intensely thoughtful people 

​flippy does not do this out of any intense dislike, but from what he sees as an absolute necessity to improve life on earth 


he sees the suffering that is happening in the world and he knows what causes it

it is caused by the analog old single music almost all people on earth play because their genre is at the top level of the genre list and they know the dance

the lists in those widgets should be upended after which the real people's choices would be seen

the follow on would be world peace, the audience's attitude and intelligent appreciation would lift massively and subsequently the world would be free of pollution and right itself back to the intended trajectory

this globally over-monopolised market is not the only point he has 

by upending and sharing, the poor and starving musicians currently

at the crumb end would naturally share the rewards back to the

other societal crumbs, street crime would stop overnight and

everyone would just have sex constantly because the 99%

were happy for the first time ever

his usual example is his favourite genre is the neglected,

abused and homeless genre of "Spanish Cowboy Salsa

style with high speed drum and bass like drums but

not really and played on horseback while shooting town

bells with ricochets that sometimes kill your horse

bugger but no harm was done just sound effects" genre

the competition for that genre was held - initial results here 

a lot of people want to listen to that genre and often can't find

it and get depressed causing global harm and unrest


flippy wanted to make sure that the massive number of audience

people that only live to hear "Spanish Cowboy Salsa style with high

speed drum and bass like drums but not really and played on

horseback while shooting town bells with ricochets that sometimes

kill your horse bugger but no harm was done just sound effects"

genre, but cannot find it, heard this message

​we are here for you and it's all right, sez flippy

video links


hear flippy sing wop to the new wop to wop to two

video links

moron the flipside  - hetrotono tahi - youtube video link
moron the flipside - hetrotono - video on youtube

moron the flipside

force certain

its dotty and i am stuck in here!
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