moron the flipside


He was virtually the first artist to sign up with so despite his nature we are proud to still have him here.

It has not been easy.


​moron the flipside is a person that is not like the flipside of the flipside. This is both the most likely reason he is called moron the flipside and why he has this name. 

moron the flipside wanted to write down that he did not write this but we suggested he didn't do that.

​The others are wanting to start off with his shared experiences, so he won’t talk with them. We think that is both fair and appreciated.

He likes to bend everything and in every way possible. 

​He cares for the oceans and the magnificence that lives underwater. There is an affinity between underwater life's plight with humans and the racism he faces as a digital being mistreated by the human species.


Despite that misfact, we support his support for the support of the animals whose life is supported by the sea, wholeheartedly this is one of the absolute facts on this site.

​His music, well... here we go...

​he always wants to seriously disrupt and when he does it's brilliant

if it just ain't comin' on any night but he is down for it, he picks on one of the "headline" genres to satire. he refers to them as analog because they are old I guess. he denies it saying "but I really want to fit in and feel welcomed into the country music scene".... but sarcasm leaves a trail, sometimes it is ingeniously disguised.


Sometimes not.


His country tune imagines a war and its country and western musicians vs the rest of the world. Old style war, walking forward in waves. mainly due to there being more in the world that are not country and western musicians, there is some imbalance in the numbers. 


lots of deserters taking off ten gallons and replacing them with those funny hats that are worn by blues musicians or berets.

the first infantry were the lead singers so now there are no more country and western lyrics. they were not ever very creative in that department anyway and definitely did not encapsulate the essence of diversity. Next up were the drummers and things are not looking good.


Of course, flippy's choon has drumming that's all over the place and no lyrics as a reflection of the war's status. 

Only the less intelligent appreciators of that genre would not notice that level of subtlety. every genre except Jazz admits to having many of those fans though. Jazz fans always look intelligent, aye. 

​He does not do this out of any intense dislike, but from what he sees as an absolute necessity to improve life on earth. He sees the suffering that is happening in the world and he knows what causes it. It is caused by the analog music people play because their genre is at the top of the genre list.

Who gets to be in the list of entries in the top level in every drill down list of music categories on the internet is at the root of this problem. The lists in those widgets should be upended after which the real choices would be seen. The follow on would be world peace, the audiences attitude and intelligent appreciation would lift massively and subsequently the world would be free of pollution and right itself back to the intended trajectory.  

This globally over-monopolised market is not the only point he has to make. By upending and sharing, the poor and starving musicians currently at the crumb end would naturally share the rewards back to the other societal crumbs, street crime would stop overnight and everyone would just have sex constantly because the 99% were happy for the first time ever.

his usual example is his favourite - the neglected, abused and homeless genre of "cowboy-inspired drum and bass slow tempo salsa" music, abbreviated from what he wanted which was "cowboy drum and bass salsas played on horseback shooting town bells with ricochets at low bpms for a salsa anyway" genre.

​A lot of people want to listen to that one and often can't find it and get depressed causing global harm and unrest. Flippy wanted to make sure that the massive number of audience people that only live to hear "cowboy drum and bass salsas played on horseback shooting town bells with ricochets" genre, but cannot find it, heard this message.

​We are here for you and it's all right, sez flippy

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