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mr gee sweet is one cool cucumber, especially when left in the shade and painted green.

when he turns from his organ during one of his matinee performances, his diamond-studded tooth sparkles, but only for the ladies!

no one has ever been able to explain it, but you can be assured it is true and gives you an idea of his amazing talent.


mr gee sweet would like the opportunity to deposit a sweet into everyone's lolly bag of life, every day.

mr gee sweet performs in a modern brown hat and a tire - he says that this is his hatire.


he says that because we thought it might be funny for him to believe that, during the initial time when we were programming him.


actually this is the sort of thing that we wish we hadn't done, now that it is a little bit later, but it takes time to go back and change it.


what we find is that it actually takes much longer to change those learnings, than it does to change your entire hatire.


what is really funny is the fact that it's more funny because mr gee sweet has no hats.


he soldered them all on tradeRus because it was time to retire, them, then wished he had not

while he still couldn't speak properly (which is now because he still can't speak properly) he said he soldered them because they were old and frayed, a bit like frayed knot hats


frayed knot hats do not exist, if they did exist then they would have existed and would still exist, but the fact is that they do not so just a heads up to you guys, without telling tails - I’m a frayed those fraid not hats do not exist.


they were frayed because he was always wearing them out, that is both why they were frayed and why they were worn out – so he soldered them, which is not what you do with a hat if it is a hat or not - but he could not say sold, yet.


this is why mr gee sweet is such a great musician

people regard mr gee sweet as the nicest of the virtual artists, but that doesn’t mean he is nice, because the average is heavily biased in the other direction


it would be interesting to see how nice mr gee sweet is, compared to say everyone, which according to Statistics New Zealand is a much bigger sample group

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