this group produce

the most unusual music 

 on this  site which is quite  

an achievement a warning

not  to  try  to  understand

them  we  still  have a

few  in  treatment 

out of the three

we believe

there are

in this




met  any   but   we

believe that all three have

met themselves   however  none

of   the   three   have   ever   seen

the  other two        the first track

we    heard   from    them   was

titled  the  odabaltreo duet

with only one of them

playing this is

all we've got

a sign of


well we

know them

and how enigmatic they are


fan instructions


(published in accordance

with our contract

with odabaltreo - sorry audience)

ensure the fan is plugged in


ensure fan stands back

ensure fan pronunciation 

pronounced      oh! da bal tree oh!         

just  like           oh! da car loan

except with       baltreo(h!)

and                  doesn't smell as good

and                  less monthly budgeting required

they really like fruit