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ovarle go lean cover.jpg

ovarle la trino

has been programmed to believe his surname is not funny. He does not link everyone laughing at it, to it. He has been given the worst art as a newbie we have seen here so far - art worst - should be a sausage its so bad except those worst ones are really nice when they are not art. 

we think it is funny because we made it up and we wanted a funny name and that is all we had had time to teach him so far. Teaching a VA something that  isn't is harder than teaching a VA something that is because the template is full of is's. Both those work though, so it wasn't or isn't is fine but to him it becomes i am not a funny surname person or you aren't laughing about my surname, you are just fucking odd, which he thinks is what we are. To him we are fucking odd because we laugh at odd times while looking at him. Ha Ha Ha - see, i did not do that on purpose.


his accent is not very yet, when we figure out where he is from, the word that describes the accent from that place will be added into that spot just back a bit from here where you expected it. Of course you would only expect it and notice it wasn't there if you are smart. You are aren't you!  

The word missing I'd say would be Spanish, I think that would both fly and be fly.




Ovarle la haha sorry, excuse me Trino has made his first tune. The artwork is getting better, probably gone up to an 8 year old's level - its called Go Lean.

The reviews so far say that it is a great file that comes up in your folder alhabetically if that is your sort order. If you want you can listen to it, but we prefer you buy it a few times. 


It's not out yet, so stay tuned for the choon and your multi buy op.

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