grant hughson

music and tech

​musician – played with full orchestras, repertory in Orchestra pits, brass bands, solo, duet, quartet often at the at the serious end of the NZ classical music scene as a youth in Taranaki, New Zealand.

​national finalist solo cornet and in the Hawera Municipal Band at the NZ National championships A Grade competitions - aged 14

NZ Youth Brass Band when 15 - played for (yes the actual) Queen at the Commonwealth Games. Toured NZ with the Youth Band care of an airline called NAC​. 

played the last post at ANZAC day dawn parades in Hawera and Rahotu

after a very nice cup of trench tea with the diggers at 6 am it was always a great rendition

​played the last post at RSA funerals requiring him to hide behind headstones in the correct cemetery when he should have been at school.

often arrived very early to make sure it was the correct cemetery. perform up to six reconnaissance missions prior to the actual and correct date, depending on the gap between the two events affecting the RSA person whose funeral was the latter.

this was done so that the attendees would recognise his military potential and feel at home with his last post performance which it turned out was better than his school results… 

due to the incorrect addition of his school exam figures, he left home and went to Auckland where the University still allowed him in and there he joined En Can MA.

the band members were (before or later) in Children's Hour, Headless Chickens, Features, Gordons / Bailter Space etc. enCan MA rehearsed occasionally and told people they were playing on the weekend, just to build intrigue, when they really were not playing, not really.

played in a band called not really anything who he did play live with, in really terms yes, he actually did play with not really anything.

he toured NZ with NRA to promote the E.P. watched a world

played live with the Newmatics a few times around the time that springbok tour was arriving soon, an edgy time. The police arrived to test out Ross Meurants new batons while on stage at the Windsor in Parnell. We learned he went on a world tour to select them, then test on our audience, keep it down, do be do boy! 

​​Miltown Stowaways emerged while the Newmatics were splitting up. The real cause of the Newmatics split up was because they got newmatism, just quietly

retained his bad soh throughout career causing some people to look the other way, fair enough.

managed to avoid the draft, many musicians on the dole had to join government formed bands Big Sideways and Avante Garage, making everything tricky and for the real bands and musicians wanting to get off the dole by playing.

​his Majesty's Theatre was built while the queen was a man.


a great gig was held the called a right royal rage, a benefit for the damaged Tim from the 3XBlams and I don’t think any Memes after the ScreemingBlamatic tour van crashed.

that great old male queen theatre was on Queen Street until later that very night - someone sent the wrong address to the demolition man, by mistake 


the Yeah Right stuff emerged because of that …

played, recorded and or toured with other bands like Peking Man, Netherworld Dancing Toys, Not Really Anything, Seven Deadly Sins, Rick Bryant's Jive Bombers, Midge Marsden, Wentworth Brewster... and so on, who were not a band, just a form of “….”


​​electronic music, music + computers - later he will add the computer part into this mammoth history piece but it all joins up again here on this website – and right now as well, for you anyway.

he now has a very large catalogue of experimental music self constructed (produced if there are girls in the room) on or is it in – hmm – I think it is with or using his home studio, some of that is being released here

which is very brave as we all know what experimental means, don’t we

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