grant hughson

music and tech

​musician – played with full orchestras, repertory in Orchestra pits, brass bands, soloist at the serious end of the NZ classical music scene as a youth based in Taranaki, New Zealand

​national finalist solo cornet and in the Hawera Municipal Band at the NZ National championships A Grade competitions - aged 14

NZ Youth Brass Band when 15 - played for (yes the actual) Queen at the Commonwealth Games. Toured NZ with the Youth Band care of an airline called NAC

Auckland University allowed him in, then a stint at computing, resigned to play music professionally 

played with many musicians who were (before or later) in Children's Hour, Features the Gordons amongst others


member of EnCan MA who rehearsed occasionally and told people they were playing on the weekend, just to build intrigue, when they really were not playing, not really

played in a band called not really anything who he did play live with, in really terms yes, he actually did play with not really anything

he toured NZ with NRA to promote the E.P. watched a world

played live with the Newmatics a few times around the time that springbok tour was arriving soon, an edgy time

​​Miltown Stowaways emerged while the Newmatics were splitting up, all members were writer composers of all material, an album and 3 EPs

played, recorded and or toured with other bands like Peking Man, Netherworld Dancing Toys, Not Really Anything, Seven Deadly Sins, Rick Bryant's Jive Bombers, Midge Marsden, Wentworth Brewster... and so on, who were not a band, just a form of “….”


​​electronic music, music + computers - later he will add the computer part into this mammoth history piece but it all joins up again here on this website – and right now as well, for you anyway

he now has a very large catalogue of experimental music self constructed (produced if there are girls in the room) on or is it in – hmm – I think it is with or using his home studio, some of that is being released here

which is very brave as we all know what experimental means, don’t we