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"follow the sugar to the gee" by mr gee sweet is released

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

this new old choon as mr gee sweet refers to it, called "follow the sugar to the gee" has an old-world sound to it, at first...

the changes are bold and many, reforming your opinion of where you are being taken, several times. the changes are achieved by altering intensity, instrumentation and the digital manipulation of the instruments, which start to sound unnatural.

it returns to complete as it started, reminding you of the original theme. Once you get there the urge is to listen again to make sure you just heard what you thought you did.

the arrangement is a very technically interlaced a bit like a morphing video series.

the final result, though, is that it is simply a very enjoyable work of light electrojazz.

the video reveals mr gee sweets penchant for apples which someone else can review ... it was intended to be a "new old choon", drawn from an attempt to combine the samples of two electric organ trailblazers the hammond b-5 and the fender rhodes.

these two "massive respect due" organs were in combat from the start, not wanting to be joined together. it was an "organ off", only in a musical sense luckily, but the realisation was made that they needed separate territory, for this work anyway.

it was a year in the making and we allowed the tune to follow, as life unfolded in that time. the track starts with the hammond which bookends the fender by also locating itself at the end. the sandwiched fender, underwent the most experimentation, making it unrecognisable in places

mr gee sweets cats got very bored with him working on it for so long, especially sugar ray, who guest appears and is in the title... "follow the sugar to the gee" was entered into New Zealand's APRA 2019 jazz composition awards, where it was a runner up. the judges described "follow the sugar to the gee" (almost) like this:- there’s a uniqueness to mr gee sweet's 'follow the sugar to the gee' that makes it a standout composition that is equal parts confusing and infectious. "follow the sugar to the gee" was checked for infection (negative results) and has now been dispatched to 90 download and streaming outlets, if you do not have an outlet, you should get one because it helps, or, buy it here.

apple update - we replanted some of our bumper harvest, but they are just looking a bit rusty so far, no growth

moron apples soon

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