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Hetrotono - upping awareness of threats posed to the sea

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We are keen to produce two compelling videos that attract attention and in doing so will raise awareness of the damage we are doing to the sea with plastics, explosives, inappropriately monitored and illegal fishing, dumping and sonar. through moron the flipside has produced two music platforms for these videos; Hetrotono - Tahi and Rua.

We have a concept video for Tahi to visualise some of our ideas, it is not of commercial video or sound quality, we will address that soon just to improve the vision.

It is or will be there to exemplify our intent for others to see who may possibly assist.

There is a paper only concept for the second Hetrotono - Rua, which has a more intense message to relay.

What are the sounds of extinction?

The last whales mating call will not receive a response.

How would a last of breed sea ancient behave or react, with knowledge or without?

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